Not sure how to delete your Facebook account: A step-by-step help

What started about fifteen (15) years ago right from the dorm room of the Harvard University dorm room blossomed into a Social Media juggernaut, making the founder Mark Zuckerberg among the top five richest men in the world. Facebook’s journey has been a roller coaster ride, as they were mounted by many controversies during these years. The company has been accused of compromising user’s information famously known as Cambridge Analytica Incident (scandal), 2021 Facebook data breach that resulted in scraping public information from over 530 million Facebook users. But, once the breach was discovered by the Facebook team, the team rolled out the changes to protect user information. Despite rocked by many scandals, Facebook continues to report 11% YOY (year-on-year) growth. But, amidst all these controversies, and leaves you with a feeling, your personal information is compromised, would it bear many fold impact? Or, if, you have set up a goal and keep all the distractions at bay? So, what are the steps in deleting your Facebook account using your phone (iPhone, Android) or on the web? Let us break down the steps, how to purge off your Facebook account and be at peace, at least you no longer have the burning thought about the data leakage.

As a thumb rule you should take the back up of the memory lane you created for all these years. your preferred choice of backup may vary from cloud, external hard-disk or hard-drive, and local laptop. Let’s look at the steps to create a backup of data (your pictures, videos, messages, friends list, updates and all the activities you did on Facebook) and deleting Facebook account on the web/browser.

  • Step 1: Just click on the small icon on the top right hand side of your home page as shown below
  • Step 2: – Once you click on the icon above a drop down menu will appear, something like as shown in the picture below
  • Step 3: – After clicking on settings & privacy, another menu shows up, click on settings
  • Step 4: – Please select “Your Facebook Information” from the right hand side menu and then, “Download Your information” from the options on the right hand side as highlighted below.
  • Step 5: – By clicking on the create file button you can create backup in HTML or JSON format, also you have option of selecting the quality of the images. You have an option to not download the gaming profile or chat history.
  • Step 6: – Facebook will prompt you via notification when you backup file is ready to download, and a notification will appear on the bell icon next to your profile icon. Go back to the settings again, click on “Your Facebook Information”, then “deactivation and deletion”.
  • Step 7: – In the next step of the process, Facebook will provide you an option to deactivate or permanently delete your account. Depending upon the option you choose your account will be deactivated or deleted permanently.
  • Step 8: – In the final step of the Facebook ID deletion process, they will alert you of the nuances of deleting the Facebook ID, one you click on “Delete Account”.
  • Step 9: – Dual confirmation on Facebook’s part prompting you to enter your password before proceeding to delete your Facebook ID, after you enter the correct password and click continue to finish the process. That’s it!, you have successfully deleted your Facebook account.

Deleting Facebook ID on Android phone

The steps involved in the deletion of your Facebook account in 2021 are straightforward steps to delete the Facebook account using the web, the only legitimate difference is to move your figures on graphic-rich navigation. So, let’s get started and quickly see the steps below: –

  • Step 1: – Login to your facebook account using Facebook Android app,.
  • Step 2: – Click on the red circled hamburger menu encircle in the image below.
  • Step 3: – Click on the settings
  • Step 4: – Upon clicking the settings option, the following menu flashed on to your screen, please scroll down and select “Account Ownership and control”, the system will further navigate your selection to the next screen.
  • Step 5: – Whilst you are on this screen, please select/tap the second option “Deactivation and Deletion”
  • Step 6: – Here you will have to decide if, you wish to simply deactivate your account, but since we are following the deletion steps, please tap on “DELETE ACCOUNT” and tap on continue to account deletion.
  • Step 7: – In the final step, Facebook will check for the reason of deleting your Facebook Account, please select a reason as appropriate from the list below and tap on “Continue to Account Deletion”. You have now successfully removed the Facebook account.

Deleting Facebook account on iPhone

Apart from some basic visual strategic placements of navigation icon, there is barely any difference between the deletion process of Android or iPhone. You just have to look for encircled icons as shown in Android process for the complete guide of deleting Facebook account on iPhone.

Delete your Facebook account in simple steps

We hope by following the above-mentioned easy guide to remove your Facebook account. Once you complete the Facebook removal process, your profile is not taken down or removed with an immediate effect. Facebook keeps your record in the deletion queue as a precautionary measure, because tomorrow you may change your mind not choose to enjoy Facebook’s social media and the value it creates for its users instantly. Please know you choose to cancel your request for account deletion in no less than 30 days.

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