Being stuck for a week in Suez Canal, the cargo ship finally moves partially

The gigantic ship that brought the sea traffic to a standstill for close to a week now refloated, Inch post services announced it via a tweet today.

Massive actions to and use of various equipment led to the silver lining and resulted in successful restoration.

Some of the interesting fact about the famous Cargo ship stuck at Suez Canal that caught the world’s attention.

  • Suez Canal is located in Egypt, a strategically located country linking northeast of Africa and the Middle East.
  • Suez Canal is about 193 Kilometers (120 miles) long. Almost 12% of the global trade is done through the route.
  • More than a dozen of tugboats were involved to carry out the dislodging process.
  • The mammoth ship has disrupted the sea traffic resulting in more than 300 ships getting stuck on either side of the route.
  • The excavator almost dug 59 feet depth of sand over a period of hours.
  • The cargo ship is 400m long (1,300 feet) and weighs about 200,00 tons.
  • The blockage is holding up an estimated to be $9.6 billion worth of goods each day, as per the data from Lloyd’s list.
  • Most of the crew members on the ship are Indians.

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