About Us



Blogconnect is a platform that works on content related to technology, current affairs, business, lifestyle, and education, all aimed at empowering its users to gain better visibility of the topics.

Contrary to the normal belief that the visual has a better impact, we feel, that visuals have a shorter impact whereas the static content/words have a lasting impact and accordingly we try to produce information that is most relevant and empowering for the end consumers or users.

The Founder of the platform has worked with top MNC at a leadership level and has contributed to various industries/sectors such as IT, (public) Healthcare/Wellness, and (Finance)FinTech.

Our motto is to continue to take steps towards the knowledge enrichment of our users. We continue to evolve and produce content most suited to cater to the audiences regardless of their location, sex, orientation, caste, race, sexual preference, and age.